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Tornado Spinning Tops - New Spinning top for Kids and Adults. A Great Decompression Toy forhome or The Office. Spins with Wind! Our Gyro Tops can Forever Spin (1Pc Multicolor & 1Pc Gold)

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  • Material: Plastic + stainless steel
  • Size:4.2 x 3.8cm/1.65in x 1.49in
  • Item Type: Stress Relief Toy
  • Color:1*Multicolor & 1*Gold


Easy to use, just need to use your mouth to breathe, it can magically turn.

It is a wonderful toy for you to forget your fidget, anxiety and quit your bad habits, a suitable-kinetic desk toy for both adults and children.

Whether you are tired of work or study, just breathe the ball easily, you can release the pressure of the day and let you have a rest.

With perfect stability and rotation, It can also rotate in a small space without falling off.

Design beautiful, high-grade quality, can be a perfect gift for Men Women, Teen girl, Teen boy.


Main Material: Plastic + bottom sphere stainless steel

Item Size:4.2 x 3.8cm/1.65in x 1.49in

Package Size:4.8*5.1CM


Number of Pcs:2PCS


1.Place the magnet on the bottom of the pneumatic gyroscope, then the wind will blow the gyroscope.

2.Decompression toys, the gyroscope rotates by blowing

Package Included:

2 x Wind gyro(1Pc Multicolor & 1Pc Gold)

2 x Tubular packaging with magnetic base

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