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Kitchen Transparent Face Shield Anti-oil Onion Goggles Dust-Proof Face Protective Mask Mascarilla Reutilizable Cooking Tools

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Material:PC explosion-proof lens   Weight:64g 

Applicable: ride, mountaineering, hiking, fishing, skiing, driving, travel、

Goggles is lightweight and designed to be worn like glasses, reducing   uneasy feeling of wearing a face.

It is also designed for people who wear glasses. Just remove the nose pad and put it on.

Ergonomics and simple design, no matter where you are, you can wear comfortably and comfortably.

The appearance of the mask uses aerodynamic contours so that it can even be used as a bicycle wind deflector

It can be used to cover eyes, nose and mouth. It has been carefully designed for any indoor or outdoor activities.

It has high toughness and can withstand pressure and fall.

Different from   glasses, it has widened side   to better prevent the side   from splashing.


Material: PET(lens), PET(frame)

Frame color: as shown

Lens color: as shown

Top width: 170 mm

Bottom width: 90mm

Height: 150mm

Style: universal

Package Included:

1*full face mask

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