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3 in 1 Electric Oral Ultrasonic Sonic Irrigator Dental Teeth Scaler Tooth Cleaner Tartar Calculus Remover Whitening Care Kit

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1. Three cleaning brush heads, easy to operate, suitable for cleaning needs of different parts of the oral cavity
2. Clean the tips of the teeth, clean the teeth between the teeth, the stains around the gums and slight tartar
3. Imported bamboo charcoal brush head, soft bristles, better protect the gums, brushing teeth without bleeding
4. Tongue coating cleaning; electric tongue coating brush, high frequency vibration, one brush and one scrape are more effective
5. LED spotlight, powerful condensing effect, illuminate every tooth;
6. Silicone integrated design, imitation leather texture effect, enhance ergonomics and design beauty;
7. The body is light and handy, equipped with a brush head storage box, and the cleaning head can be replaced at will, which is convenient for storage;
8. The battery is durable.

Charging voltage: 5V/DC
Battery capacity 400mAh
Voltage: 3.7V
Rated current: 70-130mAh
Charging method: DC2.0 charging cable
Working gear: three (low, middle, high


1x Cleaning teeth head

1x Tongue coating head
1x Toothbrush head
1x Host
1x Charging Cable 

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